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Now I’m going to fuck your pussy.
I’m going to put my sperm right into your unprotected pussy where it belongs.
I’m going to give you few loads just to make sure that my sperm will impregnate you.
All you can do is lay and accept your fate.

When I clap my hands then you’re going to wake up and come back to your house without remembering anything what I did to you.

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From virgin to bitch

My name is Sarah. I’m 18 year old girl. I’m typical kind of girl. I’m skinny  long haired blond girl. I was living with my parents and I have no siblings. I was very dilgent pupil because I wanted to become a doctor in future.

This was the time when I finally have to go to college. It was in another City so I had to live in dormitory. I wasn’t sure about that because I’ve never lived alone. I knew that there’s no other way If I want to continue learning.

That’s why I packed my bags and went there with help of my dad. When we arrived on campus I said goodbye to my dad. Then I took all my bags and headed to dormitory number 5 in which I had to live. I quickly found the building and my room. It was triple room and when I walked inside I saw my other two roomates.  Their names are Jasmine and Haley. They were party girls for which fun was much more important than learning. Luckily this was not great significance because it was possible to communicate with them calmly. Moreover, a few days was enough to make friends with them.

Two days later was friday. In the morning Jasmine and Haley told me that their friends arrange an amazing party at evening. They asked me If I wouldn’t want to go with them. I wasn’t sure If I should go there. I’ve never been at any party before. On the other hand, it’s great opportunity to meet new friends. Finally I decided that I’ll go there. In the end what bad could happen - I thought.

It’s evening. Jasmine and Haley were ready just like me. We went to another dormitory where was supposed to be that party. When we reached the place there were at least 20 more people.

After a while boy came up to me and introduced himself:

- I’m Patrick. It’s my third year at college. I’ve arranged that party. How’s your name?

- Sarah - I said.

- Nice to meet you Sarah. You’re new, right? Let me give you some beer for beginning.

- You know what, I never drank alcohol - I said slightly embarassed

- Where the hell did you grow up? - said surprised Patrick - It’s great opportunity to began.

I took a cup with beer from Patrick and drank it. It was disgusting. I spit it out on the floor. Patrick smiled and asked me ironically If I liked it. I denied and moved to other people at that party. Time was passing and we were talking and dancing. At some point Patrick asked me to dance. I agreed. We danced while but then Patrick apologized and went into the next room to get something to drink for us. Fortunately he remembered and took juice for me. Patrick raised a toast and then we drank content from our cups. I haven’t drank so tasty orange juice - I thought.

Then we started dancing again. It wasn’t long when I felt quite dizzy. My head began to ache and I decided to lay for some time in the next room. Patrick helped me get there. After laying on the bed almost immediately I fell asleep.

When I woke up I was tied up to the bed. To make matters worse, I was naked and I had gag in my mouth. Even that I tried to scream but it was pointless. Then I looked around and saw Patrick. He was assembling the camera on the desk which was opposite bed. Then he looked at me and said:

- finally woke up. I couldn’t wait this moment. I think that you want to know what happened. Why are you tied up and naked? Am I right? - I nodded and Patrick continued - I’m sorry but we think that you shouldn’t belong to us. You’re not drinking alcohol and what’s worse you spit out that I gave you. This is shameful behavior. Therefore, be prepared for a penalty - ended Patrick.

Then he called all boys from the next room. After moment everyone was standing in the same room where I was tied up. I felt totally embarassed laying there tied and naked. Then Patrick told me that he’s going to take out gag from my mouth but I can not scream. I nodded and he did it.

- What do you want from me? - i said to Patrick.

- Just lay still and let us have some fun - answered Patrick.

- What do you mean by “fun”? - I asked anxiously.

- We’re going to play a game. But first we have to prepare for this. Tell me, aren’t you feeling a little embarassed when you’re laying there naked in front of us? - asked Patrick?

- Yes, I feel embarassed. - I answered to him.

- Don’t worry, sweetie. We’re going to get undressed too. This way you’re going to feel better and we’ll be prepared to play with you. - said Patrick.

I began to guess what they want from me. I was still a virgin and I didn’t wanted to change that in such a situation.

- Do you use any kind of protection? - asked Patrick.

- No I’m not - I answered honestly.

- That’s prefect - answered clearly pleased by this fact Patrick.

I knew what was coming. I was afraid and excited at the same moment.

- Please don’t fuck me. I’m still a virgin… - I begged.

- Really… Okay I know what we’ll do with you. We’re not going to fuck you but even that you’ll have to get a punishment. Do you agree on that? - asked Patrick.

I agreed to this.

- Good girl - said Patrick and started jerking his cock. The other boys also to do the same.

I figured that propably they wanted to cum on my naked body. I was ready to make it. Everything was better than losing virginity to that guys and what worse getting pregnant. I saw that Patrick was getting close. He asked me:

- Are you ready for your punishment, bitch?

I nodded reluctantly . I closed my eyes. I didn’t want to watch him cumming on me. Then I felt a huge pain in my vagina. I screamed in pain and opened eyes. He put his cock inside my pussy. Before I could say anything I felt that his cock was twitching. Then I felt something wet. I knew what was happening.

- Don’t cum inside me… - that’s all what I was  able to say.

He cummed inside me. After that he pulled out his cock. I felt that his cum was dripping.

- What the fuck!? You said that you won’t fuck me - I shouted at him.

- Yes, you’re right. I didn’t fuck you. I just pulled my cock inside you when I was cumming to take the opportunity of knocking you up - said Patrick.

- You stupid fucker - I yelled at Patrick.

- You’re very rude - said Patrick - it looks like you deserve to be punished once more. How about Mark? - said Patrick pointing on guy on my left. He was masturbating like everyone else.

I said nothing. I just hoped that’s a nightmare which will end shortly.

- I don’t hear any objections from you so come on Mark - said Patrick.

Mark stand in front of my pussy. He was masturbating. I told him to stop but he just smiled and started to thrust his hand faster. I saw he’s getting close. Then he put his cock inside me. He pushed his whole cock inside my pussy. Like before I felt that Mark’s cock was twitching and sending another bursts of hot cum inside my pussy. I felt completely powerless.

When Mark pulled out his cock, Patrick asked me: “Ready for more?”

- NOOOO… - I shouted with all my strength.

Then Patrick hit me couple of times in the face. I passed out.

Next thing I remember was when I woke up. I was laying in my bed in my dormitory. My crotch was hurting. I was alone in the room. I went to the bathroom to pee. When I got there I saw a note on my closet. Without delay I decided to read it.

"Good morning bitch. You’re such a heavy sleeper. I’m sorry that you cannot stand to the end of our fun. You don’t even know how much you lost. I guess that your pussy is still sore from all that cum that you received yesterday.

Would you know how many loads ended inside your pussy? Sorry, I got lost after 10. By the way, I hope that you won’t be mad at us.

Last thing. Do you remember camera that was standing in the corner. We recorded everything. If you don’t want the video appeared on the internet, then you have to do just two things:

- first, don’t tell anyone about our yesterday fun.

- second, come back today for the replay.

Greetings from all of the guys.

See you soon, bitch”

I was shocked. I didn’t want anyone to know about it. I decided to do what they wanted from me.

I was forced to participate in the game few more times.

Month later it turned out that I’m pregnant. I knew that one of that guy was the father. I left dormitory and quit college. Fortunately, my parents were understanding. They helped me in this difficult situation.

And so my dreams about becoming a doctor vanished. Instead I become a bitch with baby belly.

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