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Two naive girls

Jasmine was a tall girl with black hair. Today was her special day. It was her 18th Birthday. She was becoming a woman this day. he was a loner type. That’s why she celebrated her birthday with her family at first. In the evening Jasmine met with her best friend, Eve. She was older than her by one year. When Eve came to Jasmine house she was welcomed by Jasmine with a hug.

- Happy Birthday, Jasmine - said Eve.

- Hi, it’s great to met you. Come inside - answered Jasmine and invited Eve to her house.

They moved upstairs to Jasmine’s room. They sat on bed and Eve gave Jasmine a gift. She opened it and to her surprise it was a dildo in package.

- I didn’t expect such a gift - said surprised Jasmine.

- I thought so - answered gratified Eve and then continued - I know that you still don’t have boyfriend so that should give you pleasure that you need, at least temporarily.

- Thanks, but I haven’t used any yet - said concerned Jasmine.

- Don’t worry. I’ll show you - Eve calmed her.

Jasmine opened package and took out dildo, tube with some liquid and the pump with a tube from the box

- What is that for? - asked Jasmine pointing at the pump.

- This is a very interesting feature of this vibrator. You can fill this pump with a liquid and by pressing the button occurs ejaculation - explained Eve.

- I’ve never heard about that - commented Jasmine.

- With this dildo you can experience the feeling when guy cums inside you and you had orgasm. I have to say it’s amazing - said Eve and then added - maybe I show you how that’s work.

Eve took a pump and opened it and showed Jasmine where she should pour liquid. Then she picked up the tube with some white liquid.

- Do you know what’s that? - asked Eve and after few seconds of silence she added - It’s fake sperm.

Eve filled the pump with that liquid and then closed that pump and combined it with a dildo. After that Eve pressed a little red button on the pump and flew out the stream of this white gooey substance.

- I’ve never seen anything like that - said very astonished Jasmine.

- Do you want to try that? - asked Eve

- I’m not sure but it looks amazing and even that I have to try - said amazed with a new toy Jasmine.

- Ok. You have to remove the lower part of the clothing - said Eve.

Jasmine wasn’t sure about that. She was a little shy.

- Don’t be shy - said Eve and stood up. She took off with one move her dress and panties.

- It’s not that hard - said Eve.

- You’re right - said Jasmine and did the same.

They were sitting on the bed naked from the waist down and Jasmine saw something interesting.

- What’s that? - asked Jasmine pointing at something shiny just above her pussy.

- Oh, that’s my piercing, you can touch that if you want - said Eve.

Jasmine touched that and Eve told her that her ex-boyfriend was working in body piercing salon. His name was Chris and he did piercing for Eve for free just two weeks ago.

- Isn’t that uncomfortable? - asked curious Jasmine.

- Not at all. It’s making my pussy much prettier - answered Eve and then added - If you want that too I can take you to the body piercing salon where Chris is working. I guarantee that he’ll do that for free.

- It’s encouraging - said Jasmine.

- You have to know that boys love that kind of stuff. I checked that - said Eve.

- Why would I not try that? - asked herself Jasmine.

- You’re absolutely right. It’s your 18th birthday so you should do something crazy - tried to convince her Eve.

- You live only once - said in the belief Jasmine.

- Great. We should dress up and leave while this salon is still opened - said Eve and they both dressed up.

- Wait a moment for me. I have to go to the bathroom - said Eve and ran to the bathroom. Jasmine heard that she was puking. After few minutes Eve came back and said that she had to eat something stale.

Girls came out of the house and went to the body piercing salon. Eve came first and saw Chris. He was sitting with newspaper because of lack of customers. When he saw Eve he recognized her and stood up.

- Hi Eve. How’s going? - asked Chris.

- I’m fine. I see that you have an awful lot of work - said ironically Eve.

- It’s only temporary. How could I help you? - asked again Chris.

- This is Jasmine. She’s my best friend. She want to have a piercing too - explained Eve.

- Where do you want a piercing? - asked Jasmine Chris.

- Just like Eve above my pussy - said Jasmine.

- It’s her 18th birthday gift - added Eve.

- In this case for such a beautiful girl I’m going to make it for free. How about that? - offered Chris.

- That would be great - answered gratified Jasmine.

- Come with me - said Chris to girls and they went to the room with number 3.

- Do you remember that room Eve? - asked Chris.

- How could I forget - answered Eve and explained Jasmine that Chris made her piercing in this room too.

- Jasmine, I hope you’re not shy. Take off your dress and panties - said Chris and then added - Eve, could you wait in the waiting room.

- Why? - asked Eve.

- I need to focus and you can’t let me do that - said Chris with a smile.

- Ok - said Eve and left the room.

Jasmine took of her clothing and lay down on her back.

- How your 18th birthday? - asked Chris trying to make her more comfortable.

- Really nice. I spent much time with Eve and she gave me a dildo - answered Jasmine.

- Sounds nice - told Chris and excused her for a moment.

When he came back he was holding in his arms a box with dildo. Jasmine recognized that box. It was the same type of dildo which she got today.

- Eve knows what’s best - said Chris and put the box on the table and prepared to work.

After few minutes Chris began his work.

- You will feel a small prick. I’m going to anaesthetize just to make sure that won’t hurt you - explained Chris and performed injection.

After a minute Chris put his hand on her pussy and asked Jasmine if she feels anything. She nodded and he was able to continue. He took a piercing and after showing it to Jasmine he began operation. Jasmine was laying on the bed looking straight at the ceiling.

After some time Chris asked how she’s feeling. She answered him that she’s still fine.

- You’re virgin? - asked directly at some point Chris.

- Yes? Why are you asking? - asked surprised Jasmine.

- I can recognize that. I can help you with that if you want? - asked Jasmine.

- No - said frightened Jasmine.

- I don’t want to fuck you - explained Chris and added - but we can use this little toy to make your pussy even prettier.

- I’m not sure. I want to stay a virgin - said Jasmine.

- I’m not going to take away your virginity. I’ll just make it much easier for the lucky guy who gets a opportunity to fuck you first. I’m not going to force you. - said Chris.

- Really? You won’t do anything bad to me? - she asked Chris.

- I’m friend of Eve. Trust me - tried to convince her Chris.

After a moment’s thought she finally agreed. Chris took off dildo and the rest stuff from the box and began to mount.

- Do you have any liquid for the pump? - asked Chris

- I left in house - answered Jasmine.

- Ok, I’ll go and search for that. I think that there should be some of that - said Chris.

- Good - answered Jasmine.

After few minutes Chris came back with a tube with liquid. He poured it to the pump and moved dildo closer to Jasmine.

- Do you feel when I’m touching your pussy? - asked Chris.

- Still not. - answered Jasmine.

- That’s good. That means you still won’t feel the pain - said Chris.

Chris took the dildo and touched her pussy with that. Jasmine didn’t react. He pushed the button and white gooey stuff spilled out on her pussy. When her pussy was slightly moistened at the outside he began pushing dildo forward. With every push more of the dildo was entering her vagina. Jasmine won’t notice when Chris pushed finally the whole dildo inside.

- Do you feel something? - asked Chris

- Still nothing - answered Jasmine still looking in the ceiling.

- Good - said Chris and pressed the button. The liquid flow out of the dildo to the deep parts of her pussy. He was holding the button until the pump was empty. After that he started the dildo forward and backward.

- I think I’m starting to feel something - said Jasmine and Chris immediately pushed out dildo. He saw that nothing came out of her pussy.

- Jasmine, I’m finished. Do you want to see your new piercing? - asked Chris and took a little mirror and show her his job.

- Looks good. Thanks for that. But my pussy hurts inside a little - said Jasmine.

- It’s normal. This pain will soon disappear completely - calmed her Chris and told her to dress up.

After dressing up Jasmine left that room and met Eve. Then Chris came out and thanked them for their visit in salon. Next Chris added that he has to leave for few months in family matters. Jasmine and Eve left and spend the rest of the day on talking and other things.

Two weeks later Jasmine got a text message with a request for an urgent meeting from Eve at her house. Jasmine went there as soon as she could. When Jasmine came to her room she saw that Eve is crying.

- What’s happened? - asked concerned Jasmine.

- Look - said Eve and handed Jasmine pregnancy test - I’m pregnant.

- Are you sure? Have you done more than just once? - asked again Jasmine.

- I’ve made three and all of them are positive. I’m fucked up - cried Eve.

- Everything will be fine - said Jasmine and hugged Eve.

- The worst part is that I haven’t had sex for several months - said trembling Eve.

- It’s impossible - said Jasmine.

- Oh fuck - said louder Eve - I think I know how that happened.

- How? - asked curiously Jasmine.

- I dumped Chris half year ago but we still was good friends. Three weeks earlier I’ve made that piercing that you saw. Additionally he showed me a new dildo and asked me if I want to try. I don’t know why I agreed. It was the same type that you got from me. I remember that he had to go look for liquid for that dildo… - then Eve voice cracked.

- Tell me you don’t think that he used his own cum - said horrified Jasmine.

- Yes. This bastard tricked me and knocked me up. I was that stupid - said Eve and then cried again.

- But there’s one more thing - said Jasmine.

- What? - asked Eve.

- He did me the same thing two week ago - barely said Jasmine.

- Oh my God. Maybe you’re not pregnant - said Eve and handed her one unused pregnancy test.

Jasmine went to the bathroom and first test came positive. She did second and result was the same.

- We have to find Chris - said Jasmine.

- He left city and changed his phone number. We’re totally screwed - said Eve and hugged Jasmine.

- Yes… keep going…- I’m getting close…- Hold on… a little longer…- I can’t… You have to stop before…- Please… Just few… more thrusts and…- Fuckkk… I’m cumming…- Aaaaahhh… meee too…- It was great but What If you just got pregnant?- I don’t care. It felt to good to stop. How about one more time?
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- Yes… keep going…
- I’m getting close…
- Hold on… a little longer…
- I can’t… You have to stop before…
- Please… Just few… more thrusts and…
- Fuckkk… I’m cumming…
- Aaaaahhh… meee too…

- It was great but What If you just got pregnant?
- I don’t care. It felt to good to stop. How about one more time?

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