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She was very horny and sleepy.
She let her boyfriend fuck her for a while.
Then she felt asleep and her boyfriend use her for a while.
After few minutes he reaches his limit and cums inside her without thinking about possible consequences.

At morning she woke up and after discovering a wet fluid inside and on her pussy.
She thought that is because of her ovulation. Besides her boyfriend so far never cummed inside.
Her period didn’t come in time and pregnancy test came out positive.

You hired a nanny to help you with the house.
Now she’s helping you with unloading stress when there is no wife at house.
You fuck her and cum inside to make it less cleaning.
Then she’s kisiing you and telling that she’s unprotected and ready to become a mom.
You fuck her almost every day loving that risk of fucking her and propably knocking her up.
Three months later you see that her belly grew and she’s telling you that she’s pregnant.
She’s forcing you to leave wife and stay with her and your child


Anonymous asked:

I'd love to be fucked bareback, as rough as possible until you shoot your cum right up my thight cunt! Haven't been fucked in months and not protected right now. No risk, no fun they say.

It’s really encouraging…

and I won’t defy ;)

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