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Anonymous asked:

just discovered I was pregnant a few days ago. Yesterday my boyfriend told me that he was going to let a few of his friends have sex with me. He told me he'd let them cum inside me. I don't know what to do. Should I let it happen or not?

Finally I have a question :)

Listen girl, It’s all up to you. If you want to fuck them then just do it ;)

Any words?

I just wrote a new story. Hope you’ll like it. Fell free to comment and write posts to me with your opinions :)

Meanwhile I’m waiting for another suggestions of words for another story

I already have the first word and I’m waiting for the more words for next story :)

The magic of blackberries

Mandy was a 30 year old woman. This year she decided to fly to her parents house in Florida for holidays. Her parents have cultivated blackberries. They had a house and cultivation of blackberries. They don’t have to worry about money because cultivation of blackberries was giving them considerable revenues.

When Mandy arrived she was greeted by parents. Her father took her luggage and carried it to her room on the first floor. Her room looked as if it had not changed over the year. She unpacked her luggage and went into the bathroom. Then she went downstairs and her father decided to show her cultivation of blackberries of which he was proud. They came out of a house and her dad led her to cultivation of blackberries.

- It looks impressive daddy - said impressed Mandy.

- Yes, these blackberries are the best you’ve ever seen - said immodestly Mandy’s father.

- Are they not too big? - asked Mandy noticing that these blackberries are bigger than all which she has seen so far.

- Let’s say it’s secret of our farming - said Mandy’s father winking.

Then someone entered the cultivation. It was 45 year old employee of my father. He was not the handsomest man that she ever saw.

- Mandy, let me introduce you to Lenny. He’s working here for 5 years - said Mandy’s father.

- It’s nice to meet you - said Lenny kissing her hand.

- It’s nice to meet you too - answered Mandy.

- It’s 2 o’clock. It’s time for dinner - said Mandy’s father and led his daughter and Lenny to the dining room in his house.

After a while, the three of them already sat at the table and Mandy’s mother brought a roast Lamb.

- Bon appetit - said Mandy’s mother clumsily trying to imitate the French accent.

They started eating and talking.

- Mandy, How are you? - asked Mother.

- I’m fine. I’m glad that I could come and meet you - answered Mandy with a smile on her face.

- How are you doing in Denver? - asked interested Mandy’s father.

- Actually I don’t have a job because I was fired lately and now I’m searching for new one - said Mandy.

- Have you finally started seeing someone? - asked Mandy’s mother.

- Oh, Mom. Once again about the same - answered Mandy.

- You’re 30 year old woman. What are you waiting for? - asked Mandy’s father.

- For someone interesting - answered Mandy.

- With such thinking you’ll never find anyone - said Mandy’s father.

- Come on! - said Mandy.

- Maybe you could talk with Lenny, hmm? - Mandy’s father asked her.

- Are you joking, right? He’s much older than me - said raising her voice Mandy.

- Not as much - finally said something Lenny.

- Still, I’m not interested Lenny - said Mandy.

Dinner came to an end and Mandy came out to take a walk around the neighborhood. It doesn’t take a long time when Lenny joined her.

- I hope that you’re not mad at me - asked her Lenny.

- No, I’m mad at my parents. They still the same - complained Mandy.

They were still walking around admiring the views. Suddenly Mandy saw something interesting.

- What’s that? - she asked pointing at the nearby tree.

- This? This is bluebird. This bird is quite popular in this area - explained Lenny while trying to put his hand on her shoulder.

- What are you thinking? I told you that I’m not interested - shouted Mandy and ran towards the house.

- Has something happen - asked Mandy’s mother.

- Lenny is still thinking that we can be a couple - answered Mandy to her mother.

- Why not? - asked surprised Mandy’s mother.

Mandy immediately went to her room to lie and rest. After half an hour she heard a knocking on her door.

- Who’s there? - asked Mandy

- Lenny. Could I although apologize for my earlier behavior. - said Lenny

Mandy let him in. He brought with him two cups of something to drink.

- Tell me this is not a compote of blackberries - said Mandy.

- What else were you expecting? - asked Lenny.

- Maybe you’re right - said Mandy.

- I’m sorry for my earlier behavior. I don’t know why I did it. I’m really sorry.

- I understand - said Mandy and took a few sips from her cup.

Lenny took a few sips from his cup too and started the conversation. They were talking about their interests and life. After several minutes Mandy felt that it’s hot in her room. She took off her sweatshirt and now she was sitting next to Lenny in T-shirt which was partially exposing impressive size of her breasts.

- It’s getting hot in here, right? - asked Lenny while taking off his shirt and exposing his chest.

Mandy was surprised and meanwhile she was feeling something strange. Her nipples and pussy were swelling. Lenny saw that she was getting horny and helped her and took off her shirt and panties leaving her on bed only in her bra and panties.

- What’s going on? - asked confused Mandy.

- It looks like you however want me - answered Lenny while removing his pants.

- No, I don’t know what’s happening - answered Mandy.

- Really? - asked Lenny and grabbed her nipples which made her moan loudly and after a short while of fondling he took off her bra.

- What are you going to do, Lenny? - asked Mandy.

- Guess - said Lenny and put off his briefs freeing his cock.

- Don’t do that, please? - begged Mandy.

- Just tell me that you don’t like that - said Lenny and put his hand inside her panties and started fingering her. Mandy started to moan rhythmically while his finger was massaging her pussy lips. Then he took off her panties and now she was laying naked on the bed. Lenny lied on top of her and put his cock on her pussy. Mandy felt amazing warm of his cock. Despite this she found some strength to tell him something.

- Don’t fuck me - said Mandy.

- I’m not going to fuck you If you won’t beg me for that Mandy - said Lenny and started sliding his cock through my cameltoe.

It felt incredibly good and Mandy felt that she’s totally powerless under him. She felt a really big urge to beg him to fuck her but she knew that she’s not protected. But then she remembered that she has a condoms in her purse.

- Lenny, there’s a condoms in my purse. You could fuck me with one on - proposed Mandy.

- Do you really want me to stop and put a condom on? Just one word and I immediately put my cock inside your wet pussy - said Lenny

- Fuck me…  I don’t care - said finally Mandy.

Lenny fulfilled her wish and put his cock inside her pussy. It was very moist what made his cock easier enter her vagina. She felt great and moan with pleasure.

- I knew that you can’t stand - said Lenny.

He was fucking her faster and faster. With every thrust Mandy was moaning showing Lenny that she’s enjoying that. After few minutes Lenny started to moan louder and Mandy knew that he’s getting close.

- Pull it out, don’t cum inside - she said.

- Do you really want me to? - asked Lenny and put his cock out of her vagina.

- Put it back for at least a while. Just few more thrusts please - begged Mandy.

- If I put it inside now then I won’t pull out, understood? Make your choice - Lenny gave her proposal.

- Okay, fuck me, I have to fuck you more - said Mandy.

- Good - said Lenny and put his cock back inside of her vagina and started fucking her really fast an after few thrust he told her that he’s going to cum.

He grabbed her hips and put his cock as far as he could and cummed. Mandy felt that he’s cumming inside her pussy but the thought about being unprotected was irrelevant at the moment. He shoot all of his cum inside her pussy and put it off when his cock became soft.

- Fuck it was great Lenny but I’m not protected - said little concerned Mandy.

- Don’t worry about it now - said Lenny and showed her that his cock was ready again.

He put it inside her and she was not fighting this time with him. He fucked her again and then released another amount of his cum inside her pussy. He fucked her two more times each time releasing his seed in her unprotected vagina.

Next day Mandy woke up with headache. She saw that she’s sleeping next to Lenny. She felt that her pussy was still wet with their fluids from all that fucking that their had. Mandy got up and dressed and then headed to the kitchen.

- Did you sleep well? - asked Mandy’s mother.

- My head hurts a little - answered Mandy.

- Don’t worry. After breakfast you definitely fell better - said Mother and then added - today I prepared what you enjoy the most.

- Pop - tart, right? - asked Mandy.

- Yes, sweetie - said Mandy’s mother and asked her to take a seat in the dining room.

Meanwhile Mandy’s mother went to the Mandy’s room and saw already dressed Lenny and wet sheet.

- Mission accomplished, miss - said Lenny with smiling.

- And who said that GMO is wrong? - added Mandy’s mother and came back to kitchen.

- Do we really have to fuck with condom?
- We shouldn’t do it without protection.
- But I want to feel your raw cock inside my pussy.
- Really… I could take it off If you will beg me for it.
- Please… Take it off… Fuck me raw… Give me your seed and make me your woman.
- You convinced me.

Helpful neighbor

Tony was a 30 year old married man. He married Marie four years ago. Now they moved to new town to find a well-paid job. They moved into the apartment in a block in a poor district of the city. They had no children because they didn’t have a stable financial situation. They were always using condoms as protection just to make sure that nothing unwanted will not happen.

Marie had more luck and fairly quickly found a job. She passed the recruitment and became a secretary in accounting office. She had to work 10 hours a day but she couldn’t remove from that job because she had a good salary.

Tony was not so lucky in finding a new job so he had to become “housewife”. He had to cook and take care of their apartment. One day when Marie was at work, someone knocked on the door. Tony opened the door and he saw a beautiful  and seductive blonde.

- Good morning. I’m Holly, your neighbor. You have recently moved in, right? - she said

- Yes, I’m Tony. It’s nice to meet you - said kindly Tony.

- I guessed right - answered Holly.

- Yes. Have you brought something? - asked Tony.

- I hope you didn’t thought that I would come with empty hands  - answered alluringly Holly.

- That’s nice. What’s this? -  he asked curious.

- A blueberry pie - she answered.

- Great. Do you want to come inside my flat? - asked Tony.

- With pleasure - answered Holly.

Tony invited her in. Holly sat down at the table. At the same time Tony prepared a knife and plates for the cake in kitchen. Then he back to Holly and sat at the table across from her. After a while they began eating and Holly started conversation.

- Why have you moved here? - asked Holly.

- In search of well-paid job. - answered Tony.

- Have you found something? - asked again Holly.

- Not yet, but my wife had more luck than me - answered Tony.

- So you have wife. Where is she? - asked again Holly?

- Marie is at work. She’s working as a secretary in accounting office. - answered Tony.

- Her name is Marie. I met few days ago one Marie… but it doesn’t matter - said Holly.

- Yes. This pie is very tasty. - complimented Tony.

- Thanks. I’m thirsty. Do you have something to drink? -asked  Holly.

- Where are my manners? Coffee or tea? - asked Tony.

- I prefer wine - answered Holly.

Tony went to the kitchen and came back after a short while with bottle of red wine and two glasses.

- That’s better - said happy Holly and raised a toast.

They were still talking and drinking. Their talk was more and more loose with the amount of alcohol drunk.

- You don’t have children, right? - asked at some point Holly.

- Yes, unfortunately. We decided that we’ll wait until our financial situation improve - answered honestly Tony.

- Poor Tony. Your wife has well-paid job and you’ll find some soon so you should try. Don’t you think so? - asked Holly.

- You’re right. But she’s stubborn. She doesn’t allowing me to get close to her without condoms - answered Tony

- Condoms? Good wife would let her man fuck her without condoms. Am I right? - asked Holly.

- Yes, but… - started thinking Tony.

Meanwhile Holly put her foot on his crotch and started moving it up and down.

- How’s that Tony? - asked Holly?

- Nice, but you should stop - answered Tony.

- Not now - answered Holly and went under the table and started touching Tony’s crotch through his pants. After a while she asked him If they could sat on the couch.

- No. We have to stop - said Tony.

- Come on. Nothing would happen. We are going to just have some fun. It’s not wrong. - Holly tried to convince him.

- But Marie… - answered Tony.

- She’s not here - said Holly and led him to the couch.

Holly took of his pants and panties and saw a ravishing long and thick cock. Immediately she started sucking it. She was doing it fast and good. It doesn’t took long before he started cumming. He cummed inside her mouth and she swallowed it without complaining.

- Yummy - said smiled Holly.

- You’re great Holly - said happily Tony.

- Do you want more? - asked Holly.

- Marie will be soon at home. - answered Tony.

- That’s bad. If you want to feel real woman then come to me upstairs, sweetie - told him Holly.

 Then Holly kissed him and went back to her flat. After 30 minutes Marie came back from work. She was exhausted and angry at Tony because he didn’t prepared dinner. After an hour Marie was no longer angry at her husband. When they went to bed Tony started the foreplay but Marie told him that she had a headache. Tony fell asleep unhappy. The situation was similar for the next few days and Tony’s frustration grew.

Finally, Tony couldn’t stand it. He remembered Holly and their beautiful afternoon. After a moment of thought he decided to visit his pretty neighbor. When his wife left house, Tony went upstairs to visit Holly.

- Hi, It’s nice to meet you - said Holly after opening the door.

- Can I come in? - asked Tony.

- Yes, but at least you could buy me a rose, sweetie. But maybe next time - said Holly.

After coming Tony sat on the couch and Holly joined him.

- Why did you came? - asked Holly.

- I have a problem - said Tony.

- What’s wrong? - asked again Holy

- She’s always exhausted after work and it’s pissing me off - said Tony.

- I think I could help you - told Holly grabbing his crotch.

Holly exactly knew what Tony need. She took off again his pants and panties and started to suck his cock. Just like before Tony cummed inside Holly’s mouth and she obediently swallowed. Holly took off her blouse and presented Tony her breasts in a bra.

- Do you want me to take off my bra? - asked seductively Holly.

- Yes - answered excited Tony.

Holly took of her bra exposing her big breasts to Tony. Later she took off her pants and then she was standing in front of him only in a thong. Holly lay down on the bed and asked Tony to remove her thong. He did it which mean that Holly was laying totally naked.

- Do you want to put it inside me - asked Holly spreading lips of her pussy.

- Yes, definitely - answered immediately Tony.

Tony pulled of his shirt.

- Do you have condoms? - asked Tony.

- I don’t use them. Besides I took pill today so you don’t have to worry - said Holly.

Tony was shocked. He has great opportunity to fuck a girl bareback. He didn’t do that for a really long time. Tony was really excited and Holly asked him to put it in finally. Tony laid on top of her. He felt that his dick was touching her pussy which made her moan. Then Holly took his cock and started pushing it inside her pussy. The moist and tightness of her pussy was making him crazy. He began to fuck her rapidly what made her moan more often and louder.

- Fuck me, fuck me…. please…. - Holly was able to speak only that.

Tony was still fucking her approaching to his orgasm. Holly’s orgasm came first which squeezed Tony’s cock what made him cum. He stayed inside her flooding her pussy with his sperm. He filled her completely and then laid on her to catch breath. After short while his cock softened and he pulled it out of her pussy. Tony saw that some of his cum was dripping out of her pussy.

- Do you feel better now? - asked Holly.

- Much better. - Tony answered her.

- Are you ready for one more time? - asked Holly.

- Yes - said Tony and showed her that his cock is puffy and fully erected again.

- Good. This time I want to ride your cock - said Holly and sat on Tony’s cock.

Tony was laying on bed and Holly was bouncing on his cock. She tried to do this as fast as she could. Her pussy was still wet with Tony’s cum what made her cunt more slippery and she was enjoying it even more. After some time Holly cummed again but she didn’t stop afterwards. Instead of that she started to grind on top of him faster. It was too much for him and he cummed again. One more time he was cumming inside Holly’s pussy. When Tony’s cock softened again Holly came off and saw another stream of cum dripping out of her pussy.

- You came so much inside me again - said satisfied Holly.

- Yes, you’re much hotter than Marie - said Tony.

- Do you think you’ll be able to do it again? - asked still opened for more fun Holly.

- Yes but I have to go back to my flat - answered Tony.

- I understand. If you want you can go back and have more fun with me anytime you want. - said Holly.

- Thanks - said Tony and then got dressed.

Before leaving he kissed Holly and said:

- Good that you’re on the pill. With that amount of cum you’ll be knocked up for sure.

- Yes, you’re right - answered Holly letting Tony leave her apartment.

Then she moved into the bathroom and said to herself:

- Tony was right. With that amount of cum I could get pregnant…

Holly looked in the mirror and then took a box of pills from drawer labeled as fertility pills.

- … and I hope that this happen because you can’t have everything Marie - added Holly with evil grin and then swallowed another pill.

Only 40 days left to the first birthday of this blog.

This will be a very special day, believe me :)

btw. there’s 7 parts of “Impregnation savoir-vivre” waiting in queue ;)

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